Fine watch repair requires highly specialized brand-specific tools & equipment, all of which, when used correctly, will help to produce the end result of a properly completed repair. Here are some of the most important ones, accompanied by a picture of each, along with a brief description:
Brand-specific Swiss made tools &
Rolex Case Opener | North Providence, RI
Rolex Case Opener #1008 with various case holders & cylindrical case back keys to open & close watch cases securely & tightly.
Rolex Oscillating Axle & Rolex Balance Stadd Replacement | North Providence, RI
Rolex Oscillating Axle & Rolex Balance Staff Replacement Punch Sets.
Rolex Movement Holder | North Providence, RI
Rolex Movement Holder Assortment with specific sizes pertaining to different model & caliber numbers & component dimensions.
All Diver's watches must be pressure tested to original manufacturers' standards & specifications. These 3 fine Swiss Roxer machines are essential to successfully obtaining these results:
Roxer Natator 125 Ultra Deep Pressure Tester
Roxer Natator 125 Ultra Deep Pressure Tester- Tests water pressure up to a depth of 4800 ft. on a fully tightened watch case in order to determine that there are no leaks & the case is waterproof to factory-specific standards & specifications.
Roxer Diabolic E Wet Vacuum Tester
Roxer Diabolic E Wet Vacuum Tester- Used to test for air leakage from within the inside of a fully tightened watch case, within a sealed vacuum chamber.
Roxer Revelator R1 Heat/Cold Condensation Tester
Roxer Revelator R1 Heat/ Cold Condensation tester - Used to test extreme temperatures against a fully sealed watch case to check for excessive condensation under watch crystal which would show case leakage.
Factory standards for rate of accuracy, external appearance, & movement cleanliness are obtained with the help of these 3 highly specialized machines:
Vibrograf | North Providence, RI
Vibrograf B-600 Timing and Amplitude Rate Recorder- Used to regulate watch accuracy & check amount of balance amplitude.
Multi-Speed | North Providence, RI
Elma Multi-speed Polishing Machine- Essential for polishing & refinishing watch cases & bracelets to original like new condition.
Ultrasonic Cleaner | North Providence, RI
Mark V Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine- Used for the cleaning of fully disassembled watch movements.